Why isn't your brand growing?

I am no expert but I do pay attention to what works and what doesn't. I learned the hard way when I owned my accessory business by not listening to the advice that was given to me. I was so caught up with wanting things to go a certain way based on what I thought would work. No matter what you think will work or what you think your customers will support, the bottom line is, FACTS don't lie.  A lot of times we go against the facts and justify it by saying " That may have worked for them but I know my customers." That way of thinking will always have you further away from where you would like to be. There are different ways to becoming a successful brand but there is a formula that will help structure your brand in the best possible way.

There are certain things that you can do in your business that will help you move in the direction of success. For example, lets take social media. The post that have the most likes, KEEP posting those types of pictures. Compare the pictures with low engagement to those and see what you can improve with the low liked pictures. Stop posting things your followers don't want to see. 

You can not be attached to your product to the point where your judgement is clouded. If customers don't like and outfit your selling, sell something else. Do everything you can in the most strategic and effective way and if you aren't seeing positive changes you may want to try something different. I did!