Stick to your Prices!

Have you ever went to a restaurant and looked over the menu and they had exactly what you wanted? After reading all the ingredients and getting all excited what do you do next? Do you ask the waiter can he give it to you for a discounted price? Do you tell them that the place around the corner charges X amount? No. You just order what they have for the price offered. Now, not everyone will be able to afford what your selling. And it is okay at times to work with people but stay firm on the prices you have set.

When I was running my accessory business, we made the mistake of having a lot of sales. We made hand painted earrings, necklaces, ponchos and a few other things. It took time to get everything ready for shipping and nothing on our site was over $35 full price. For the work we were doing we should have been charging a lot more. You get excited from seeing a lot of orders from a big sale but that soon created a problem for regular priced items. We would get emails from customers who LOVED our products. They would be inquiring about when the next sale was. It's like we were making products with the intent to sell them at a discounted price. 

As a business owner I know how important it is to acquire customers and get them to keep coming back. You want to have incentives to get them in the door. Get creative. Have a social media giveaway. Get your products the the right influencers. Offer a first time customer or welcome discount. You definitely want to follow nation wide sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But other than that, stick to your prices. Make customers see the value in your brand with your presentation.