It All Started When....

Somebody sent us an email about exposure. They wanted our products to be given to celebrities at one of the big award shows. You know, those gift bags they give them in hopes they will wear or use it and mention you when they do. Oh, and the best part is it was only $10,000. This made me kinda irritated. Companies didn't care that they were misleading me. They found my company at random, sometimes not even knowing that what they were offering wouldn't work because of the type of products we made. We were just a copy and paste. Now,  I'm never mad at a copy and paste. It saves time. But the least you can do is do the research on us and reference something so we know you made a little effort. 

Going to award shows, I know exactly how they work. You would be so lucky if your product makes it to their assistant. This was not the last email we received. They came at least once a month. In my head I'm thinking I can just use my resources and get my stuff directly to who I wanted to have it. If it was within my reach of course. And I did. I have always been relentless in getting things done and with the results that I aimed for. I didn't understand the word No. I still don't. Anything is possible but it takes work. Sometimes people just don't want to do the work but they want the results to still come. That sounds like magic to me. Don't get it twisted, its #blackgirlmagic around here! I'm just saying.

After co owning and running an accessory business for over 5 years I have decided to leave and start my own brand and creative consulting company, BCG Branding. I am so excited. I have always helped other businesses because I knew what it was like to do everything and have no outside help that didn't cost a gazillion dollars. 

I am literally two weeks into my business. I have my  logo and website. I am currently finishing up two clients with clients awaiting.  Don't let people, even those who love you, discourage you. Sometimes they wont understand your God given vision and things may not make perfect sense to them. They can only speak from their vantage point. Don't be mad at them either. Don't let it stop you. Do it anyway. Don't wait. If you are waiting for the right time to get something started you will be waiting forever.

I believe that I have something great to offer this world. My light shines bright. Please wear your shades.