The key word in work from home is WORK!

Both me and my sister work from home.  It's funny because when we say that I feel like people get a mental picture of us on the couch in pajamas watching HTGAWM and Netflix all day. 

My days start off with my 8am alarm going off followed by a 30 minute work out.  I have a smoothie and take my hubby to work.  Sometimes I stop off at the market if need be or run a couple errands.   

Once I arrive back home my day consist of building websites, responding to emails,  phone consultations, writing, cooking, and cleaning.  No tv is on just books on audible or music. Sometimes I stop to eat when I can remember that I'm hungry. 

My mom calls and the conversation is as follows.

Her: Hey Bob ( that's what she calls me) what are you doing ?

Me: At home working. 

Her: Oh wanna go to the movies? 

Me:  No! I'm at work! 

This conversation happens at least once a week. Note to self. Get an office. Clearly working from home is code for unemployed. 😭😭😭