A Conversation with BCG Branding’s creator, Bobbie Cheri Gobert

I know first-hand all of the hard work required to run a business and build a brand. I started BCG Branding after successfully building an accessory business that I co-owned for five years. Many business owners feel so overwhelmed with an ever-growing to-do list, that they sometimes end up feeling paralyzed; I have been there. Some business owners don’t seek help because they say, “My business is doing fine. I don’t have time to…” or “If it ain’t broke, why should I fix it?” 

I look at it a little differently—If I have a million-dollar idea and I haven't made my million dollars, I believe that there is still work to do.

There is only so much you can do on your own. Yes, brand and profit-building resources are abundant, but your time is limited. It is impossible to give 100% to every aspect of your business. You need to outsource. That’s where BCG Branding comes in. With a background in entertainment, I have a unique approach for growing a business. I use my fifteen plus years of experience in music, television, and the fashion industry to help obtain stellar results for my clients. All of my strategies are customized for my clients and their unique products to produce optimal results. In short, I take your vision and infuse my experience and creativity to connect the dots to meet your specific needs.

Talk more about the company that you co-owned. What success did you experience?

I was able to find a niche in the marketplace, identify a target demographic, and implement a successful branding strategy that garnered sales throughout the US and abroad. Very early on, I was able to secure product placement on TV, video, and blogs. Through trial and error, I learned some very valuable lessons about branding and marketing. I want to keep my clients from having to learn these lessons the hard way.

Why did you start BCG Branding? What differentiates your company from others?

When I first told my sister about this business, she replied, “You keep talking about helping people. Are you sure you want to start a business, and not a non-profit?” 

Yes, I am in business to make money, but I truly want to help business owners put their best foot forward. I started BCG Branding really because I'm tired of people being ripped off. (It happened to me at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.) Too often, customers pay a lot to companies that mislead them, and see no positive changes in their business. These companies do a poor, high-priced job, only to wash their hands of any responsibility after they’ve cashed their check. BCG Branding responds to past clients who have questions with the same level of excellence and care given to current clients. When I say, ‘I'm here to help,’ I mean it.

What separates BCG Branding from other branding businesses?

I'm very honest about what I can deliver and what I can’t, what it entails, and how much work it will involve. When I say, ‘That won't take much time,’ my clients know it won’t cost a billion dollars. My clients are comfortable with me because of my honesty. I pride myself on having the perfect combination of encouragement and constructive criticism. I never bring up a flaw with a client’s current branding that I'm not able to fix. 

What is BCG Branding’s mission?

The mission of BCG Branding is to build without breaking—to create a great foundation for a business to grow without breaking the bank, without breaking your spirit, without breaking your vision. Clients can step away and have confidence that things are getting done. I am known for being meticulous when it comes to presentation. Things will never be perfect, but they will always be excellent.


What promises does BCG Branding make to its clients?

  • Your work and vision are safe with BCG Branding.
  • You will see positive changes and growth if you follow the strategy.
  • BCG Branding does what it says it will do.